All About Bail Bonds

A bail bond is used when an individual has been arrested and wants to get out of jail before their court date arrives. Bail bonds require that 10% of the original ordered bond amount be placed with the bonding agency, in addition to a small fee the bondsman charges. Using Lackawanna county bail bonds ensures that you get out of jail fast without going broke in the process.

Who Can use Bail Bonds?

Most cases are given a bond amount that is determined by the charge, your criminal history, and other factors. Once the bond amount is given, anyone can use a bail bondsman to help them get out of jail quickly. It is much cheaper than paying directly, and a viable option for many people being charged with a crime.

How to get a Bail Bond

Tons of Lackawanna bonding companies exist. They are usually nearby the county jail. A quick Internet search will help you find the best bondsman in town as well. Once you find a bondsman that will make the bond for you, several sets of paperwork should be completed, the monies paid, and then you are out of jail.

What If There Is no Money?

Bail bondsman understand that sometimes money is hard to come by, no matter how small the amount might seem to the next person. They also understand the importance of your freedom and being out from behind bars. If you do not have the money to post the bond many companies allow you to make a property bond, if you own any type of property of value, in lieu of paying the money.

Bonding Information

After you’ve signed a bond with a bonding company, make sure that you paper in court, else your bond is revoked and you go back to jail.